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Raw Sewerage Discharged to Mahaweli

Raw Sewerage Discharged to Mahaweli
Threat of contamination of drinking water

The Kandy Municipal Council is discharging about 80,000 liters of untreated sewerage to the Mahaweli River at Gohagoda. This is done just above the new Kandy water scheme intake now under construction. This practice of discharging untreated sewerage has been continuing for the last seven to eight weeks. Residents of the Gohagoda, Thekkawatta, Siyambalagasmula Mawatha and Elephant Bath areas are complaining that the stench from the discharged sewerage is unbearable. Read More>>

The Kandy Municipal Council is discharging
about 80,000 liters of untreated sewerage
to the Mahaweli River... Read Full Story>>

Corruption in Teaching Appointments in
Central Province

Accusations of corruption and political favouratism have tainted the latest round of recruitment to the provincial teaching cadre from among “Voluntary Teachers.” Some school principals have been accused of issuing bogus certificates to individuals certifying that they have served as Volunteer Teachers in their respective schools. Powerful politicians have tried to include their favorites on the list of recruits although many of them do not have the minimum qualifications. JVP Provincial Councilors Samansiri Fernando and Gamagedera Dissanayake made these revelations at the last meeting of the Central Provincial Council. Read More>>

Doctor Appointments Delayed

This year no vacancies have so far been advertised to recruit doctors from the new batch of medical graduates. Informed sources say that there are a large number of vacancies in all the major teaching hospitals and general hospitals.

The usual procedure is to recruit new doctors for internships based on a merit list.
  Read More>>

  Cancer Walk Last Event of Governor Monty

The Governor Gopallawa leading the Walkers with Project Chairperson Ms. Neeta Ellepola, and the President of the Cancer Society Mohan, Samarakoon.

The Cancer Walk organized by the Cancer Society to coincide with the International Cancer Week was the last official event that the Central Province Governor Monty Gopallawa participated before he recently passed away. Read More>>


Kandy's “Small” Issues

The presidential election is about big issues - peace, economy, cost of living and jobs. The two main candidates are really big on promises on each of them. If we are to believe either of them Prabhakaran is waiting with open arms to welcome the victor to Kilinochchi. Jobs will be galore, cost of living will be a thing of the past and all of us will live happily ever after.
There are a lot of small things that hardly get a mention in these national political discourses. But many such small things are very important to the life of a community. These issues may appear to be very local. But for many of them the solutions are beyond the capacity of the local community at least for now because these people who debate the big issues and rule from Colombo also keep a tight rein on the small issues.

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Lion Ladies Have Day of Fun Without the Lions!
Lion Ladies Have Day of Fun Without the Lions!
Leona Fest 2005 was a great day of
fun for the Lion Ladies >>

"Nova Peraniya Kavi Saraniya"
By Kularatne Bulathgama

An Anthology Poetry by Kuleratne Bulathgama
Book Launch by the eminent Deputy Editor of the Kandy News >>


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