Local Issues and Not National Politics Should be the Focus


Kandy Muslim Traders Association  

Although the emphasis in the municipal election should have been to identify local issues and select the team most capable of handling them, political leaders have converted it to a referendum for or against the government says Mr. Niyaz Muheth President of the Kandy Muslim Traders Association in a press statement he has released to The Kandy News. 
The incoming Kandy Municipal Council has to face a set of very challenging problems including traffic congestion, air pollution, and general urban disorder bordering on chaos. Kandy Citizens do not ask for the sun and the moon. They want a livable city. 
Mr. Muheth traces the problems mainly to the rapidly growing number of local and foreign visitors to Kandy who come for religious reasons, pleasure, and to use the services from healthcare to education that Kandy has to offer. Kandy's central location is such that it is relatively easily accessible to about two-thirds of the country.  This is good for business but the visitors have to be well looked after while not putting the locals under too much pressure. That is the challenge the KMC must resolve. 
In the next few years the residents will have to cope with the disruption that a number of major development projects will inevitably cause while the work is in progress. One is the relocation of bus terminals that is to be done with World Bank funding. The implementation of the sewerage project too will inconvenience the city dwellers although they will benefit in the long term.  The implementation of the Greater Kandy City project will see further relocations and associated disruption.
The development projects are necessary. But they can be planned carefully to cause the least possible inconvenience to the public. Our Association believes that the KMC management and technical staff have significant capacity to handle many of these problems. However, there must be a better dialogue between the citizens and the elected Council. For that reasons it is very important whom we elect in the forthcoming polls. 
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