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වැලිවිට ඉඩමක් වහාම විකිණීමට ඇත

මුරුතලාවේ හතරලියද්ද මාර්ගයට මුහුණලා වැලිවිට මිශ්‍රවගාවක් සහිත පර්චස් 70ක ඉඩමක් විකිණීමට ඇත. මහනුවර නගරයට කිලෝමීටර් 22යි. (යෝජිත අධිවේගී මාර්ගයට ආසන්නව) මිලගණන් කථා බහ කරගත හැක.
විමසන්න තුෂාර- 077 647 7669,077 903 0591, 077 814 6122


Lease or Rent

Kandy on Peradeniya Rd, behind Suwasevana Hospital. 2 stories commercial building. 532/4 sieble place. 4 rooms with attached toilet, Large halls. Garden space. available contact.

Tel: 072 348 3228

Modern house for sale at Gannoruwa

A modern house with 6 bedrooms and 6 attached bathrooms, TV room, Servants quarters on 42 perches of  land for sale contact 077-551-0789.

Prime Commercial Property in Kandy

Bordering   Peradeniya Road 10.5 perches with a house. 50 feet road frontage. Ideal for commercial use. Excellent investment. Two miles from Kandy city and from Peradeniya town.

Contact 077-551-0789



A Luxury Home in Kandy

Five (5) bedroom luxury house with all facilities in the quiet residential area of Dodanwela with 20 perches of land.  An additional 50 perches of land attached to the same property also available if you wish to have a larger garden or build a second house or set of apartments.

Call (077)551-0789

Building Block in Anniewatta,

Kandy with Panoramic View

Seventy (70) perch land. Beautiful view of the Mahaweli and the misty mountain ranges beyond from your dream house. Price negotiable, Call (077)551-0789..


Luxury Apartment Around Kandy Lake

Three (3) room luxury apartment, walking distance to Kandy Lake Round, Close to Kandy’s top schools including Mahamaya, Hillwood, Dharmaraja and Trinity. Rare opportunity to buy in one of Kandy’s most desirable residential areas. Price negotiable. Call  Rs 20 million (077)551-0789


නිවසක් සහිත ඉඩමක් විකිණීමට තිබේ

මහනුවර ශ්‍රී දළදා මාළිගාවේ සිට කිලෝමීටර් 6ක්  දුරින් න්ප්‍රධාන කාපට් බස් මාර්ගයට මායිම්ව වගාකළ (පොල්, කොස්, ගම්මිරිස්, සාදික්කා, කරාඹු) අක්කරයක ඉඩම සහ ජලය විදුලිය ඇති නිදන කාමර 06ක් සහිත වර්ග අඩි 3500ක නිවස විකිණීමට. නිරවුල් සින්නක්ර ඔප්පු.

දු.ක. 081-2424127


Land for Sale


Houses for Sale


Houses Wanted




Rosmund Estate20 perches, 300m from Dodanwala road. Panoramic  view. 4 km from town with all facilities. Close to High School Food city and Nihals. 081-2226198.(LS1)


Balagolla Punchibogahapitiya 10 perches for Rs.3 lakhs per perch. Call 081 224 0198 / 075 010 7235(LS2)

Gannoruwa 2 bed room house and land with all facilities for Rs. 60 lakhs.  (HS1)

Kundasale 4 bedroom house and 15 perches land for Rs.85 lakhs. (HS2)

Kandy area house wanted with 15 perches. Willingto pay Rs. 65 lakhs. Call 077 998 4088(HW1)

Anniewatta, Aruppola or Polgolla A house within walking distance (around 200 meters) to the main road. (HW2)

Anniewatta 3 roomed house for lakhs and 35,000. Call 0776078547(HW3)






Mavilmada house with 3 bed rooms, kitchen and other facilities for Rs. 35,000 per month call 077 229 1296(HR1)



Peradeniya 20 perches of lands wanted. Price negotiable. Willing to pay up to Rs. 2 lakhs per perch. Call 077 784 2663(LW1)

Kandy area 20 perches of land wanted for Rs. 25,000 per perch. Call 077 232 2675 /071 919 9190(LW2)

Lewella, Watapuluwa  10 perches land wanted. 1 perch for Rs.two lakhs. Call 077 650 2129(LW3)


Peradeniya house wanted for Pre-school, Price negotiable, call 077 395 2948(HWR1)

Anniewatta or Peradeniya 3 room house wanted, willing to pay up to Rs.50,000. Call 0777568641(HWR2)

Deveni Rajasinghe Mawatha, Kandy  
Thirty (30) perches, overlooking the Mahaweli
Stunning view. Ideal for home/upmarket tourist  guesthouse   

Balagolla, Kundasale  
Ten perches of flat land  

Telephone: 081-222-9991


Land for Sale

Prime block of buildable land 40 perches at Rs 350,000 per perch.
     Call 077-551-0789.



Luxury apartment near

Mahamaya College

 Three room apartment with all facilities

   for Rs 20 million. Telephone 0710399344

House at Anniewatte

Upstairs house with 5 bedrooms on 171/2 perches

For Rs 1.8 million Telephone 071039944

Land Sale

Gannoruwe 25 perches of flat land for Rs 250,000 a perch

Telephone 0710399344



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