Central Province Children in Shankar Painting and Essay Competition

About 46 children from the Central Province have submitted paintings and essays for the 65th annual Shankar's International Children's Competition. K Shankar Pillai (1902-89) was a very well known Indian political cartoonist who started the competition in 1949 for Indian children under the age of 16. In 1950 he made it an international competition that today attracts over 160,000 children from over 130 countries.

The Indian Assistant High Commissioner in Kandy Mr. M Nadarajan made a special effort this year to encourage children from the Kandy area to enter the competition. He organized an on-the-spot painting competition and essay writing competition at the Green Hill International School with the assistance of B D R Rajan (Chairman of the school board) and Jeeva Rajan (Director). The paintings and essays were then sent to Delhi for the global competition.

Picture on the left shows Mr. Nadarajan addressing the gathering at the opening ceremony of the event. Pictures on the right show a few of the paintings that were entered for the competition. Winners get medals and prizes with those who reach the top being invited to India to receive their medals and prizes for the Indian Vice President.

Indian Diplomat to Help Handicapped in Kandy

Assistant High Commissioner of India in Kandy Mr. A. Natarajan who recently visited the Centre for Handicapped, Kundasale promised to help the Centre with funds and other resources. The Board of Directors and staff of the Centre welcomed him and showed him around the facilities and services that it provides to the handicapped. The Centre provides its service on an ability-to-pay basis with fees varying from full cost for those in the high income bracket to zero for low income clients.

Mr. Natarajan promised to seek Indian suppliers for material and equipment for the Centre and made a commitment to raise funds for the Centre using cultural performances that the Assistant High Commission sponsors.

Modern Physiotherapy Service Now Available in Kandy

The Centre for Handicapped in Kundasale now offers a modern physiotherapy service. A qualified graduate in physiotherapy heads the unit. Those who wish to avail of the facility, for which a modest fee will be levied,  should call 081-383-5395 for an appointment.

The Centre also provides prosthetic and orthotic equipment to individuals who need artificial limbs and other such aids. Since its inception in 1992 the Centre has provided nearly 11,000 people with such aids. It is the policy of the Centre to provide its services free of charge to those who cannot afford to pay. The Centre also provides a transit hostel for the disabled who have to stay for a few days to get the equipment fitted and get trained in the use of the new equipment.

The Centre welcomes donations from well-wishers. In particular a donation of Rs 150,000 will allow the donor to create an endowment in perpetuity that can be named after anybody the donor wishes. The interest generated will be annually used to donate an artificial limb to a person in need. For more information please call 081-383-5395.

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