The 20th Anniversary of Ranabima Royal College


By Palitha Elkaduwa

Ranabima Royal CollegeRanabima Royal CollegeRanabima Royal College was established twenty years ago on March 02, 1996 to educate the male children of the underprivileged, including rural farmers, lower middle class and working class urban dwellers, plantation Tamil workers and Muslim small businessmen. As the Secretary, Ministry of Education responsible for school education 

in the Central Province  I conceived the school as one that would promote national unity serving all irrespective of class, caste, creed or religion. March 02 was chosen for the inauguration for its symbolic significance. It was on March 02, 1815 that our ancestors, having fought against three western colonial powers  for 310 years, signed the Kandyan Convention ceding our sovereignty to the British.

Mr. Elkaduwa with the principal Mr. AbeysekaraMr. Elkaduwa with the principal Mr. AbeysekaraFor a state school Ranabima is unique in its governance. It has its own special charter designed to protect the integrity of the school and keep away unwanted political and other negative influences. To date it has admirably succeeded in protecting its independence and serving the public impartially. Admission has been based strictly on merit. Ranabima has produced, among others,  more than 300 scholars, scientist, and engineers and  over 100 doctors. It has produced the best results in the GCE-OL in the island in several recent years beating its better-known peers such as Royal, Ananda, Nalanda and Dharmaraja. Ranabima students have done equally well in many areas of extra-curricular activity.

I see the achievements of Ranabima, that literally stands in the ancient battlefield of Gannoruwa  on the banks of the Mahaweli, as the realization of the dream of our ancestors  who fought and shed blood in defense of our motherland. For me personally it is the single most satisfying contribution that I have made to our country as a public official in a 37-year career.

In conclusion I wish to record my heartfelt thanks to President D B Wijetunga, and Chief Minister W P B Dissanayaka who gave their unstinted support to establish Ranabima. The present Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayake deservers full credit for continuing to support the school to preserve its noble traditions. I thank the principals and staff that served the school over the past two decades to help develop it into what is is today. Finally, I wish all Ranabima pupils, past present and future, every success.


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