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Kandy Houses & Properties

If you are interested in any of the properties listed below please phone (94) 81-222-9991 or E-mail or write to The Kandy News 111 Anniewatta, Kandy, Sri Lanka. Please mention the advertisement reference number.

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Rupee exchange rate
US $1.00 = SL Rs 105
Canadian $1.00 = 89
Australian $1.00 = 83
UK Pound Sterling 1.00 = 198

Kandy Real Estate

Land for Sale

Katugastota Rd near KPH hospital 10 perches at Rs. 125,000 a perch. (LS1)

Watapoluwa 15 perches at Rs. 125,000 a perch (Ls2)

Anniewatta 20 perches at Rs 80,000 a perch at Primrose Gardens(LS3)

Anniewatta 2 block of 18 perches at Rs 150,000 a perch(LS4)

Anniewatta 30 perches at Rs. 80,000 a perch (LS5)

Aruppola 15 perches at Rs 125,000 a perch (LS6)

Anniewatta 15 perches of land at Rs 150,000 a perch.(LS7)

Anniewatta Primrose Hill 20 perches at Rs 175,000 per perch.(LS8)

Aniewatte-Rosmand place-48 perch block at 135 a perch.(LS9)

Balagolla 27 perches at Rs 65,000 a perch (LS10)

Deveni Rajasinghe Mawatha flat land 15 perches at Rs 200,000 a perch(LS11)

Gampola Land available at Rs. 35, 000 a perch in a beautiful and a quiet place. (LS12)

Gannoruwa 24 perches block at Rs. 140 a perch overlooking river (LS13)

Gelioya Four km from Peradeniya Road bordering the main road two 20 perch blocks Rs 150,000 per perch.(LS14)

Gelioya 41/2 (four and a half) acres at Rs 15,000 a perch(LS15)

Gohagoda 35 perches available with all facilities at Rs 25,000 a perch(LS16)

Hantana 27 perches of flat land at Rs 175,000 a perch (LS17)

Hindagala 5 acres 7 kilometers from Peradeniya at Rs15,000a perch.(LS18)

Kadugannawa 60 perches with a panoramic view and 1 ½ acres, both lands at Rs 30,000 a perch (LS19)

Kandy 7 miles from Kandy approaching the city from Kandy-Kurunagala Rd 5 acres with all facilities available at Rs 25,000 a perch(LS20)

Katugastota 16 perches available near Silvereen Car Sale along Katugastota Road at Rs 250,000 per perch.(LS21)

Kuda Ratwatte Mawatha 23 perch block at Rs 80,000 per perch and 33 perch block at Rs 70,000 per perch.(LS22)

Lewella 20 perches available at Rs 80,000 per perch and 11.5 perches at Rs 125,000 per perch.(LS23)

Louise Peiris Mawatha near Dharmaraja College 43 perches available at Rs150,000 per perch. Two 14 perch blocks available at Rs 250,000 per perch.(LS24)

Manikhinna 5 acres at for Rs 25 lakhs.(LS25)

Peradeniya Road 10 perch flat land building block for immediate sale.(LS26)

Peradeniya 20 perch blocks at Rs 165,000 a perch(LS27)

Peradeniya 40 perches available near the Rs 65,000 a perch.(LS28)

Pilimatalawa 39 perches at Rs 125,000 a perch (LS29)

Rajapihilla MV 10 perch block at Rs 100,000 a perch; 15 perch block at Rs 80,000 a perch(LS30)

Rajapihilla Mawatha 17 perches at Rs 250,000 a perch; 22 perches at Rs 150,000 per perch (LS31)

Thannekumbura 10 and 15 perch blocks at Rs 65,000 a perch(LS32)

Thannekumbura 25 perches of land available. Rs.175,000.(LS33)

Uplands-Pitakanda -20 perch blocks at Rs 125,000 a perch.(LS34)

Wattaranthanne Opposite Citadel Hotel 21.5 perches available. Rs.150,000 (LS35)

Wattaranthanne 15 perches 5 minute walk from at Wattaranthanna Junction. Rs. 75 lakhs.(LS36)

Houses and Land
KMC Limits or Suburbs

If you have a house or land within the Kandy Municipal limit or in the suburbs that you want to sell or lease please contact (081) 222-9991 We will advertise it free for you and get the best possible price.

Houses for Sale

New in the Market

Anniewatta Brand knew 5-bedroom house with 4 toilets and the latest shinning floor with all facilities on 15 perch land with a panoramic view for Rs 12.5million. (HS1)

Aruppola An upstairs house nearing completion at Rs 3.5 million. (HS2)

Rajapihilla Brand new 8 bedroom house with all facilities at a very convenient location bordering the road for Rs 20 million.(HS3)

Watapuluwa near Uplands house for Rs 10 million.(HS4)

Ambatenna house with 40 acres(HS5)

Anniewatta 3 bedroom house on 12 perches for Rs 28(HS6)

Asgiriya 50 years old house on 80 perch of flat land.(HS7)

Hantana Three houses at Rs 60 Rs 70 and Rs 12 million.(HS8)

Hantana 2 houses at Rs 12 million and Rs 8 million respectively.(HS9)

Heerassagala 4 bedroom 3 years old for Rs 65 lakhs (HS10)

Heerassagala House on 22 perches for Rs. 40 lakhs(HS11)

Hindagala 3 bedroom house on 46 perches for Rs 55 lakhs. (HS12)

Katugastota along Gohagoda Road one km from Katugastota town two houses, one for Rs 50 lakhs and the other for Rs 35lakhs(HS13)

Katugastota-5 bedroomed large house with all facilities for 12.5 million(HS14)

Kundasale 5 bedroomed house on 45 perches for Rs 45 lakhs(HS15)

Kundasale House for Rs 40 lakhs.(HS16)

Kurunegala Rd house on 36 perches for Rs 25 lakhs(HS17)

Piachaud Gardens semi-luxury house offers over Rs 20 million(HS18)

Pilimatalawa 62 perch land available with and old house at 125 a perch(HS19)

Srimath Kudaratwatte Mawatha 5 bedroomed house for Rs 10 million(HS20)

Seibel Place house with all facilities for Rs 15 million(HS21)

Weerakoon Gardens 5 bedroomed house on 17 perches overlooking the river for Rs 10 million(HS22)

Anniewatta Old house on 58 perches at Rs 150,000 per perch(HS23)

Anniewatta house available Rs 25 million.(HS24)

Anniewatta 3 roomed house on 20 perch land for Rs 40 lakhs.(HS25)

Anniewatta along Dodanwela Rd near Kaluthara Kade 4 bedroom house available for Rs 60 lakhs.(HS26)

Asgiriya 3 bedroom house with terrazzo floor and all facilities for Rs 60 lakhs(HS27)

Gampola 3 bedroom house on 60 perches along N. Eliya Rd for Rs 20 lakhs(HS28)

Gelioya Half completed house on 28 perches for Rs 13 lakhs(HS29)

Gohagoda 3.5 kilometers for Katugastota town 03-bedroom house with all facilities on 13 perches Rs 10 lakhs.(HS30)

Gohagoda, 4 bedroom house on 23 perches available for Rs 20 lakhs(HS31)

Kandy House on 37 perches for Rs 30 lakhs(HS32)

Kandy Bordering Deveni Rajasingha Mawatha near suspension bridge. Attached toilets, bedrooms and all facilities are available. 12.2 perches. 4 km to Kandy, Rs. 15 million. (HS33)

Kandy house on, 24 perches near old Odean Theater Rs 90 lakhs.(HS34)

Kandy Lady McCollum's Drive 4 bedroom house with terrazzo and tiled floor with 3 toilets plus all facilities on 18.9 perches for Rs 85 lakhs(HS35)

Kandy Lady McCollum's Drive 4 bedroom house (3200 sq ft) with 4 toilets, terrazzo floor, veranda and garden, plus all facilities on 43 perchase of land. Available for a long lease or sale for Rs 15 million(HS36)

Katugastota 03 bedroom house on 12 perches for Rs 15 lakhs(HS37)

Katugastota-Kandy Road house with 30 perches of land close to St. Anthony's Convent. Ideal for commercial use. Rs25 million. (HS38)

Kundasale House with eight room s and eight batrooms on 26 perches available for Rs 70 lakhs(HS39)

Mapanawatura A house available for Rs 30 lakhs(HS40)

Nittawela A luxury house in a residential area on 30.4 perches is available for sale with furniture for Rs 85 lakhs(HS41)

Watapoluwa 5 bedroom house with all facilities on and also a half-built 4 bedroom house both on one 49 perch block of land for Rs 90 lakhs(HS42)

Watapuluwa 3 room house on 40 perches of land offers over Rs 5 million(HS43)

Wattarantenna house for Rs 30 lakhs(HS44)

Houses for Rent

Citadel Hotel House opposite hotel available at Rs 30,000 per month

Peradeniya brand new 3 bedroom tiled floor house Rs 20,000 a month

Watapoluwa 4 bedroom house available for Rs 15,000 per month.

Land Wanted

New in the Market

Girl's High School: Wanted buildings blocks with easy access to Girl's High School(LW1)

Kandy 5 to 6 acres wanted, price below rupees one lakh per acre.(LW2)

Kandy Building blocks in a residential area perch below Rs 200,000(LW3)

Kandy General Hospital: Wanted buildings blocks with easy access to the Kandy hospital(LW4)

Kandy schools: Will pay top prices for building blocks with easy access to Kandy schools(LW5)

Kiribathkumbura: Land wanted (LW6)

Mahamaya College: Wanted buildings blocks with easy access to Mahamaya(LW7)

Peradeniya area: Land wanted(LW8)

Peradeniya Road 15 perches for a building(LW9)

Peradeniya Teaching Hospital: Wanted buildings blocks with easy access to the Peradeniya hospital(LW10)

Kandy wanted 20-40 perches bordering river and about 30 minutes drive to Kandy. (LW11)

Anniewatta land wanted within Rs 100,000 a perch

Peradeniya-Kiribathkumbura area 15 20 perches of land within Rs 100,000 a perch.(LW13)

Commercial Land 10 perches along Gopallawa Mawatha or Kandy Peradeniya Road (LW14)

Commercial Land - 40 perches on along Peredeniya road. (LW15)

Dodanwela-Anniewatta 20 perches wanted within Rs 120,000 per perch. (LW16)

Kandy area five acres of land within 10 to 15 miles radius from Kandy for horticulture project. Water essential. (LW17)

Kandy 10 perch block within Rs 125,000 per perch. (LW18)

Kandy - Wanted 30 to 40 perches around Kandy within Rs. 50,000 per perch. (LW19)

Peradeniya, Gelioya, Katugastota, Pilimatalawa wanted land not less than 1 acre (LW20)

Land Wanted -A build block close to Katugastota within 1 lakhs per perch. (LW21)

Land Wanted - 20 perch on Peradeniya Road (LW22)

Peradeniya close to University 12 perches within Rs 40,000 a perch (LW23)

Peradeniya Road Wanted 40 perches of commercial land bordering Peradeniya Rd (LW24)

Peredeniya - a Building block along Peradeniya Road willing to pay Rs 150,000 to Rs 200,000 per perch. (LW25)

Small block - of land wanted within Rs 5 lakhs around Kandy (LW26)

Houses Wanted for Rent or Lease

Balagolla area wanted a comfortable house for rent or lease within Rs 10,000 monthly rent near (Ref. WRN1)

Comfortable house with garage facilities and a large master bedroom wanted for rent or lease (Ref. WRN2)

Lewella or Thannekumbura preferred. Wanted a house for rent or lease with garage within Rs 10,000 per month rent (Ref. WRN3)

Kandy area Wanted a large house on ease in or close to Kandy. Willing to pay Rs 10,000 to Rs15,000 per month.(Ref. WRN4)

Wanted a House -for lease along Peredeniya Rd, or Gopallawa Mw. (Ref. WRN5)

Houses for Rent
Anniewatta, Asgiriya, Peradeniya, Watapuluwa,
From Rs 5,000-Rs 15,000
Phone 081-222-9991

Commercial Space for Rent
1000 square feet
Rs 30,000 per month
Phone 081-222-9991

House & Land for Sale
Station Road house with120
perches for Rs 20 lakhs
Phone 081-222-9991


Citadel Hotel House opposite hotel available at Rs 30,000 per month

Peradeniya brand new 3 bedroom tiled floor house Rs 20,000 a month

Watapoluwa 4 bedroom house available for Rs 15,000 per month


Below Rs 10 lakhs
Manikhinna, Pallekale,
Uda Peradeniya
Phone 081-222-9991

Below Rs 30 Lakhs
Balagolla, Gohagoda, Lewalla
Phone 081-222-9991

Avissawella 2 acres of land with 4 room house 20 miles from Colombo suitable
for business, NGO, community facility, or export agriculture project. Water/electricity,easy
access to Colombo. Good climate,. Outright sale or leese.

Madawala Napana Udadeniya Three blocks of land each about 113 perches. Rich agriculktural land also suitable for resences.

Kandy Commercial
Building for rent / lease

Falling vacant one storey building at Colombo street a stone throwing distance from “Queens Hotel” ideal for hardware/ computer / office use.




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